How To Order

Ordering your new stairlift

You may feel a bit confused by off of the information about stairlifts that you have come across, a stairlift is just a stairlift right? Well actually, for the most part yes. 

Now you relax, we will guide you through right here.......

First: Are the stairs straight or curved? Straight must be entirely straight up to a landing, this could be the top of the stairs or a landing near the top or bottom with some more steps after. Please note that if you have triangle steps on your stairs you cannot fit a straight stairlift.


For Straight Stairlifts: The process is really easy, we need to know which side of the stairs the stairlift will be fitted onto looking up the stairs. Also we would need to know if you have a door, opening or radiator at the bottom of the stairs on the side the stairlift will be fitted to.

Do you have a door or an opening at the bottom close to the stairs? You may need to folding hing on the rail, this is to lift the rail out of the way so nobody can trip over the stairlift when walking past. Hinged rails can be manual or automatic.

If you have a radiator at the bottom sometimes this will need to be removed, if you have space to keep the radiator it may limit the options you have as to which stairlift will fit.

We would also need a few simple measurements from you stairs which are the width wall to wall at the top and the length down the stairs from the corner of the top landing to the floor at the bottom in a straight line.

Do Not Panic: If any of this seems to much, please give us a call and we will guide you through the process or even if you would prefer, we will come and get this information for you. If you are able to send us some pictures of the stairs this would also be very helpful but it is not essential.

If you have the information required, all you need to do then is give us a call or send us an email and we will get everything arranged for you.


For Curved Stairlifts: For curved stairlifts we would need to visit your property to measure the staircase. We have a specialist digital measureing system to make sure that every curved stairlift is built to fit your stairs perfectly.

If you are looking for a quote we can do this by email but we would need some pictures of the staircase that the stairlift will fit to. If you are unable to send pictures to us please give us a call and we will come to see you to give you a quote.

It's that simple.


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